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Bass Guitar/Backing Vocals

Photograph by Alexander Pernhorst

Photograph by Alexander Pernhorst

Multi-instrumentalist Jacob Callis first picked up the electric bass at age 12. The NJ musician made it his mission to perform with as many acts as possible, in the process becoming proficient in jazz, funk, rock and blues. At 18, Jacob turned his talents to songwriting. His walking acoustic guitar lines, inspired by years of bass playing, have become the centerpiece of his unique style. Jacob stumbled upon Jana online after playing on the bill with her friend singer/songwriter Patti Rothberg at a show in NJ. The two musicians quickly bonded over their mutual passion for The Beatles, descending bass lines and David Mamet quotes among other things. With Jana Peri, Jacob rediscovered his inner rocker (forced into submission by years of playing at coffee houses and yacht clubs) and his first love – the bass guitar. While rehearsing with Jana for her 2005 UK tour, he and she forged a strong musical partnership that endures. Jacob played and sang on "I Hate The Holidays (But I Love Spending Them With You)" and played on "Gallery Whore." 


Drums/Percussion/Backing Vocals

Rob Holm

Aside from his dead-on drumming and gift for vocal harmonies, multi-talented Long Islander Rob Holm has been reading and writing music since age eight. In addition to playing and recording with Jana Peri, he has worked with power poppers Early Edison and Bill Popp & the Tapes, among others. Rob's drumming can be heard on two major motion picture soundtracks. While Jana has sometimes performed and recorded with other drummers, she and Rob have had a long and fruitful relationship. He played and sang on Jana's Catching Flies With Vinegar CD and played on the "Gallery Whore" single.

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